Master Instructor, Justice Allah, Shih-fu (Center) & Michael Frazier, Sifu


The Rosedale Martial Arts Academy














Master Shih Fu Justice Allah

8 Level Black Sash’s of Crayton’s Lõng Hù Pái Kung Fu/TáiJì Academy and

Master Instructor of the Rosedale Martial Arts Academy


Shih Fu Justice Allah was born and raised in Southeast Jamaica, New York. Shih Fu Justice trained in many styles of martial arts, wrestling and boxing before training in the martial arts style of Huán Shõu (Changing Hands) Kung Fu since the age of 24 under the teaching of Grandmaster ZongShi George Crayton Jr., the Founder of Lõng Hù Pái (Dragon Tiger Association) Kung Fu. Shih Fu Justice has been teaching Huán Shõu Kung Fu for the past 35 years.


Throughout his 35 years of martial arts training under Lõng Hù Pái, Shih Fu Allah has been given many awards and honors:


The New Jersey Garden State Games International Martial Arts Tournament Hall Of Fame: 2003, 2004 and 2006

United International Kung Fu Federation Hall of Fame: 1999 and 2001

World Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame: 2002

Huán Shõu Kung Fu Certificate of Honor: 2011

Kuroshi-Do Warriors Hall of Fame: 2010 and 2011

Shih Fu Justice continues promoting Huán Shõu Kung Fu and studying differed styles of martial arts as well to make sure that all of his students can defend themselves no more what age, size or gender. This is way we build strong minds as well as a person bodies.


What Is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is an Ancient style of Martial Arts that was made in Southeast Asia. Monks would train for two main reasons. The first would be to make their bodies strong when they finally come out of long periods of praying. The Second reason was so that the Monks would be able to defend themselves when they go outside of the temple walls.


Why Do We Train In Fung Fu?

We train in Kung Fu to better ones self in all aspect of life. In Kung Fu it is not just to make your body strong, it also builds the mind and spirit. Kung Fu is not always about fighting. Kung Fu is 90% mental, 5% physical and heart 5%. This makes a %100 Kung Fu Student
























Is Kung Fu A Style Of Martial Arts for Me?

No matter the age, height, weight, male or female anyone and everyone can study kung fu. Some styles of martial arts are not for everyone because of the student physical and or mentally state. Kung Fu is for everybody. Kung Fu is not just a style of martial arts it is a way of life.


Instructors of The Rosedale Martial Arts Academy


Master Lasun Allah, Shih Fu

5TH. Dan Black Sash

Queens, New York


Michael Frazier, Sifu - 5th. Dan Black

Queens, New York


James Simons, Sifu - 4th. Dan Black
Queens, New York


Melvin Byrd, Tai-Shi-Xoing 2ND. Dan Black

Flint, Michigan


 Dexter Tucker, ShiXiong 1ST. Dan Black

Harlem, New York


Kyle Griffin, ShiXiong 1ST. Dan
Black Queens, New York